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Proof of concept or final deliverable?

Regarding the challenge, is the intention or goal to find a great proof of concept that showcases and illustrates content targeted to tours, wayfinding and exploring Penn's campus and the city of Philadelphia? Or are the judges looking for something that's ready to go live once the competition has completed?

With the content aggregation choices available, and the challenge organizer's own perspectives, it would seem that the winning apps would serve as a proof of concept for what *could be* done (especially considering the Penn campus map JSON feed is not open to competitors), with continued resources applied to further development and curating of location-based content and points of interest. Then, once the winners are selected, content approved, curated, expanded, etc, the app would go live and become available for users to download from the app stores. Also, since the "Resources" page indicates the "app you build will be your own", how would the university and city plan to market or promote the app? Would there be a separate version that is branded specifically for PACT? Or would it simply live within what ever pre-existing framework/app that was used to showcase the content specifically for the PACT challenge?

Hopefully these questions make sense! We are just trying to determine the depth and breadth of content that's anticipated for a finished product.

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    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your questions and your interest in the challenge! For this competition both proof of concept and market-ready applications are welcomed. We understand that due to data constraints full market-ready applications may not be realistic and that is ok.

    As for promotion, the application you submit will be promoted as a participant and/or winner of the PACT challenge. It does not need to be branded for PACT (and we’d prefer that you did not brand it that way unless you have the rights to use the PACT logos, etc.).

    As a bottom line, the main minimum requirements for submitting are:
    - a working software prototype the meets the content requirements listed on the homepage under “Requirements” and can be installed and run on the device for which it is intended
    - a demo video walking through the functionalities of the app
    - access to the app for testing via an install file or web URL

    If you have any further questions please feel free to post them here or email us at support@challengepost.com.

    Best of luck!

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    Great - thanks for the info!

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