To help you attack this challenge we recommend taking a look at the University of Pennsylvania website. Here are public examples of Penn’s current usage of map data:

You may also want to check out Philadelphia’s Open Data and Open API Portals.

Penn’s Information Systems and Computing department is supporting this competition.


Penn’s Wish List

We know the app you build will be your own – and that’s awesome. When we asked the University of Pennsylvania about their dream campus wayfinding app here’s what they said.

The applications should pique users' interests by allowing them to interact on a more visceral level directly with the campus as they walk, either virtually or physically. Ideally, applications should display the items of interest that are close to the user's current location and should also allow smart wayfinding to direct a tour for choices filtered by the user. Such filters might include: all art installations on campus, all buildings owned by a particular school, etc. The application may provide prompts, which could be visual or verbal, to the user via the user's current location or via feedback from the device's camera using image recognition to locate items.


Future Resources – Not Available for this Competition

Penn maintains a database of campus items, which is exposed via a REST service. Currently, this service is only allowed if an agreement is made between Penn and application developers. For this challenge, access will not be provided and all application data must be obtained or created by the development team.

However, if you would like to pursue access to this service at a later time you may choose to build with the REST API in mind. Below you’ll find links to documentation for the Penn REST API.


Got Questions?

For questions about the Philadelphia Enterprise App Challenge, email, or post them to the Discussion Board.